IBANC - SEPA Payment solutions

IBANC Pay - Collect - Control

IBANC Software is the modern way to create, collect and control payments including the management of banking details, addresses and direct debit mandates. IBANC controls input errors and gives a clear overview of the information per customer. It is possible to import data automatically from Excel or an accounting package IBANC generates SEPA XML files which you can upload into your banking environment.



  • User Friendly 
  • SEPA Credit Transations (SCT)
  • Transaction Verifications
  • Full Address Book
  • Salary Payments
  • Excel/CSV/Clieop03/XML import


  • Up to 10.000 transactions per batch batch
  • Direct Debits (SDD) CORE & B2B
  • Transation Verifications
  • Full Address Book
  • Mandate Management
  • Excel/CSV/Clieop03/XML import


  • Secure
  • IBAN check
  • Mandate Management
  • MD5, SHA1 en SHA256 checksum
  • Reconciliation with CAMT053
  • Multi-Platform Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Runs standalone, no Internet connection required