Why Netop Vision Classroom Management?

Netop, the worldwide leader in classroom management software provides your own personal classroom monitor with Vision. Keep an eye on everyone’s work. Notice when someone’s off task. Get everyone to the same place at the same time, so you can start the lesson. These are the tasks that good teaching depends on, but they take a lot of time and energy – and class time is limited. That’s where Vision comes in.


Teachers can present lessons to the class by sharing the teacher’s screen, supervise student activity on their computers, assist or help individual students remotely, blank student screens, and turn the Internet on or off.

Vision for Chromebooks

  • Vision for Chromebooks monitors and redirect student use of technology.
  • Easy configuration and controls 
  • Real time views of every student screen right on the teacher’s computer. Read more...

Vision for Windows/Mac

  • Vision is a popular classroom management software proven to improve student performance
  • Vision supports Windows and MAC environments
  • Vision helps educators collaborate with students in and out of class. Read more...