DDoS Prevention Solutions

NS FOCUS - DDoS Mitigation

NSFOCUS Cloud DPS protects organizations against debilitating and costly DDoS attacks, and is offered through proprietary global NSFOCUS Cloud Centers that are geographically distributed and built to scale to address the largest volumetric DDoS attacks.  Alleviates concerns over loss of customers, damage to brand, service availability and theft of valuable data.


Cloud DDoS Protection Services

  • 24x7 Always-On, or On-Demand DDoS Mitigation  
  • World-wide Cloud Centers (includiing Frankfurt and London) 
  • Borderless Protection with Hybrid Architecture Readiness 
  • Flexible Connectivity for Clean Traffic Return
  • Quick and Easy Network Integration
  • Low Network Latency for Effective Mitigation 

Hybrid Cloud & On-Prem DDoS Protection

  • Work in unison
  • Eliminates smaller shorter attacks
  • Defends against bandwidth saturation
  • Increased bandwidth visibility
  • Reduced cloud redirect times 
  • Overage for all L3-L7 DDos attack vectors 
  • On-prem defences can be In-line or out of path 
  • Web Portal to view active attacks, graphs for total and clean traffic, previous attack history, under attack panic button, automated mitigation 

DDos Protection for Large Enviroments

  • Accurately identifies malicious traffic (RFC Checks, Protocol Analysis, Access Control Lists, IP Reptution, Anti-spoofing, L4-L7 Algorithmic Analysis, User Behavior Analysis, Regular Expressions and Connection/Rate Limiting  
  • Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) 
  • Anti-DDoS System (ADS)
  • Anti-DDoS System Manager
  • Best Price- Performance 
  • Integration with NSFOCUS WAF for Network, application and web application security
  • Post incident forensic analysis
  • Easy to deploy, manage and maintenance 

Cloud DDos Protection Service

Hybrid Cloud & On-Premise DDoS Protection System

Scaling Mitigation Capacity