RedSocks - Malicious Threat Detection

  • European Made 
  • Real-Time Cybercrime Detection 
  • Pure outbound Network Traffic Monitoring 
  • Immediate warnings to prevent dataleakage 
  • Flowdata Analysis detecting threats from Servers, workstations, BYOD, IoT, Secuirty components
  • Essential aid in providing forensic information for incident reports and GDPR Compliance 


The pressure is building in preparing for the adoption of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on May 25th 2018. Organisations are looking for tools to help them discover infections caused by increasingly advanced cyber attacks on their network which might cause data leakage. It's general knowledge that firewalls and anti-virus are no longer enough to keep out Malware and advanced persistant threats. It is now necessary to identify malware than has already infected networks and systems.

The exponential growth in the use of mobile devices such as phones and laptops, when re-connecting to a company network and circumventing  most inbound defense systems, are now a real problem which need to be addressed. The use of IoT devices also add a new dimension in security and the protection of personal data.

Using RedSocks, organisations can monitor their network traffic in real-time by analysing meta-data behaviour of outgoing data flows. This means that the network is not overloaded by in-line deep packet inspection and that APT's and zero-day threats can be discovered quickly and help to prevent major data leakage. In the event of a leak RedSocks provides forensic information for DPO's allowing organisations to comply more easily with GDPR and reduce fines associated with a data breach. 


How RedSocks works

Public Sector Case Study

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