ProApptive assists with testing, purchase and use of secure software solutions:

We identify and helps you test, purchase, implement and use secure software. Whether it be in
Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government, Education, Logistics or IT, ProApptive has the experience


Netop Vision

 Our customers are looking to increase security, gain real-time insight into their activities and improve productivity.

It is increasingly difficult to be compliant given the enormous growth in data and the demands for accessibility in a mobile and integrated world. ProApptive gives software producers constant feedback from our customers so that they are better placed to help customers meet these challenges.

About ProApptive

  • ProApptive has an energetic team of professionals available to assist you with questions about the quality applications we sell
  • We bridge the gap between your organisation and software producers speeding up the process at all stages
  • From the initial demo's and testing through to purchase, implementation and use, we assist you in making the right decisions
  • Visiting and talking regularly to our customers we give feedback to software producers on the use of their applications for future development requirements 

What we do

  • Inventorise your needs and requirements
  • Organise on-line or on-site meetings to demonstrate the software 
  • Assist in the setting up of a test environment
  • Make sure questions are answered during testing, implementation and while the application is fully in use
  • Provide attractive pricing for the initial purchase and indications of costs in the future
  • Organise training for system administrators and end users 
  • Keep you up to date on the latest product releases and maintenance renewals 

ProApptive Blog

8 Questions to ensure your remote control software is GDPR compliant

The new General Data Protection Regulation is right around the corner, and its impact is not limited within the EU. Essentially any business that ever touches data of European citizens should exercise the same scrutiny over how their remote access tools process personal data.


Netop is assisting businesses in making the necessary preparations to comply with GDPR by May 2018. The penalties for failing to do so are nothing to joke about: €20 Million or 4% of the previous year’s worldwide annual turnover and additional compensation. Those are dangerous numbers, so why not ask yourself…


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