Tricerat - Enterprise Printing Solutions

Tricerat - Enterprise Printing Solutions

Tricerat is known for its multi-platform enterprise printing solutions ScrewDrivers and Simplify Printing.

With Simplify Printing TX also providing for the management of printing from mobile devices. Simplify Scanning works in the same way as ScrewDrivers.

TRICERAT PRNTING SOLUTIONS ScrewDrivers Simplify Printing Simplify Printing TX
  Print Management Solution Enterprise-Ready Solution  Moblie Printing Solutions
No more print drivers on terminal servers
Print to any available local client
Native printing from any application/device

Citrix enApp/XenDesktop and Microsoft
RDS terminal support

Advanced staple/collate/duplex/color
finishing features   


PCoIP terminal support

Admin console for printer/user management


Proximity printing

Pause-and-release printing    

 iOS/Android BYOD mobile device network
pairing and support


Shared "Guest Printing"


"Follow Me" printing


Ability to secure AirPrint™ printers


Integration with Google Cloud Print™


Secure print queue for iOS printing and sharing


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