Keepit - Data Security in a 'Cloudy Future'

  • European Made 
  • Backup, Recovery & Insights
  • Complete Office 365 coverage
  • Automatically backs up G Suite Apps
  • Salesforce backup on a daily bases
  • Protection on a tamper-proof storage location
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Instant, true access




Keepit is not only a backup service for Office 365.


Keepit is a platform built for the user centric workloads driven by

digital transformation. Based on a unique cloud storage, Keepit is cloud born to protect, provide deep insights, complex integrations and unified data protection in the cloud era. The solution to all weak spots is the ability to rewind your data in time and No cloud service provides you with the ability to rewind your data live – it is too expensive!


How Keepit works

Features for businesses

Audit - Set up Keepit to log any access to your content, making it easier to provide a full audit trail

Statistics -  You get great overview of how much data is being backed up, stored and shared across your organisation 

Support - World-class support. Even in Dutch.

Insights -  A transparent overview of interrupted or stopped backups, ensuring that you can see that all relevant data                has been secured.