SMS Passcode - Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

SMS Passcode

User name & password or token-based solutions using pre-issued passwords are no longer enough to  beat today's hackers. To be secure authentication also needs to look at real-time session specific factors such is behaviour, time and location of the user logging in. 


SMS Passcode brings authentication to the highest level. Employees work securely from wherever they are, on whatever device. External vendors are given secure access without putting employees, information or worldwide systems at risk



  • Protect remote access systems and cloud applications
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Session specific passwords
  • Challenge based authentication
  • Real (one) time passcodes
  • Time restricted
  • Geo-fencing 
  • Behaviour aware  


  • Increase users and system admin productivity
  • Quick access from trusted locations
  • Multiple fail-over methods 
  • Selfservice portal
  • Memo Passcodes TM
  • Reset Password Module
  • Simple installation, configuration, management and scalability



  • Provides security officers with evidence of a breach
  • Extensive reporting 
  • Logs user login-activity
  • Involves the user in the security process alerting them to hacking attempts on their devices
  • Assists in the prevention of Data Loss
  • Provides useful information in the case of an audit