CENSORNET - Cloud Application Management

Censornet - USS Unified Security Solution

CensorNet USS Unified Security Solution gives system administrators insight into and control over the use of Cloud and Network Applications.


With the increasing mobility of employees and Shadow IT in BYOD environments it is essential to have a grip on what is happening with your organisation´s information and to be able to easily apply security policies to cloud applications just as with network applications.


CensorNet´s dashboard includes web and email filtering  protecting employees in and out of the office against cyber-attacks, accidental or malicious leaks of sensitive information. For maximum visibility it is also easy to integrate other security solutions into the CensorNet dashboard. The USS keeps your data and information safe with Multi-factor Authentication.


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One centralised cloud dashboard 

  • Monitor and control both cloud and network applications, authorised and unauthorised
  • Track files movements between web apps, email, social media and file sharing or cloud apps 
  • Drill down for suspicious content or risky activity to identify user, device and URL

Secure Access

Enable 24/7 secure access

  • Anywhere on any device
  • Apply policies at group or individual levels
  • Create time and geographical restrictions for the applications use
  • Proxy-less to reduce latency and increase privacy
  • Provides a consistent browsing experience for users on workstations, laptops and mobile devices


Provide Multi-level security

  • On-line threat detection
  • Reputation and heuristics 
  • Logging/reporting for incident management
  • Assists in meeting data protection compliance regulations
  • Web and Email security against malware, phishing, content violation and spam


CensortNet Unified Security Solution
CensorNet Secure Web Gateway