Netop Remote Control - Secure remote access

Netop Remote Control - Secure remote access

One remote control solution for all Windows, Linux and MAC and Android.  Support all your Servers, Workstations, Mobile devices,  POS Devices, Medical Devices, Kiosks, Vending machines and ATM´s. 


With the enforcement of the data protection act,  more organisations are choosing Netop Remote Control to protect confidential infomation and ensure the safely of their employees. Netop has 30 year experience in developing the most secure remote control enterprise solutions.


Netop Remote Control  is used in 24/7 environments to carrying out maintenance, troubleshooting devices and supporting users in large complex 24/7 environments such as government, health, finance and retail environments

Versatile Remote Access

All Devices

  • Servers, Workstations, Laptops
  • ATM´s, Vending Machines
  • POS Systems, Kiosks, Digital Signage
  • Tablets and other Mobile devices

All OS´s 

  • Windows 
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX
  • Android

All Industries 

  • Government
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Finance 
  • Manufacturing


Secure Remote Control


  • Fast reliable connections 
  • Works even with low bandwidth

Easy to use

  • Browser based portal 
  • No VPN needed 
  • Ideal for external vendors

Connection Services 

  • Firewall- friendly - only outbound traffic
  • Netop Hosted 
  • On - Premise


  • Strong 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Ddata transmission protected with FIPS 140-2 
  • Audit trails (Logging and video)
  • Tunneling 
  • Close user groups
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • PCI compliant 
  • Configurable for PCI, ISO, HIPAA, FIPS, Compliance 

Central Management 

  • Granular control of right and roles
  • Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • Logging and video recording 

Netop Top Features

  • Screen sharing,
  • mouse and keyboard control,
  • file transfer 
  • monitoring,
  • remote management 

Advance Feature 



  • AD integration 
  • One to Many
  • Many to One 
  • Superior integration with directory services
  • Concurrent sessions for quicker time to resolution
  • One to many, many to one
  • Stealth mode, troubleshot without interrupting end-users or critical processs
  • Remotely monitor machines and devices
  • Communicate with end users through chat
  • Send and retrieve clipboard content
  • Transfer files with two-way drag-and-drop, delta transfer and crash recovery
  • Conduct collaborative remote control sessions with colleagues
  • Use marker mode to create screen annotations
  • Execute common Windows functions
  • Lock the end user's keyboard and mouse
  • Restrict applications and close displays for privacy
  • Customize and share hotkeys
  • Share screens with customers
  • Notify end users of restart, log-off, lock and shutdown



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