Netop Live Guide - Less talk more chat!

Netop Live Guide - Less talk more chat

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

  •  Manage three to four times as many inquiries when using chat than by email or phone.
  • Shorter wait times with faster resolution means a better bottom line and happy customers.
  • Deploy a Live Guide chat campaign anywhere, on a website, in e-mails, online ads and social media campaigns.
  • Instantly get face-to-face with customers through online audio and video chat
  • Manage inquiries three to four times faster than by phone or email
  • Escalate easily to co-browsing or remote control sessions
  • Use pre-chat forms and intelligent routing

How to buy Netop Live Guide Free Version         Basic Version        Pro Version        
Online Chat      
Text Chat    
Audio Chat      
Video Chat      
Social Media & Email      
ProActive Chat      
Win/MAC OS Support      
Easy Customisation      
Enterprise Security      
Unlimited number of seats      
Reports and Analytics      

Comprehensive Reporting

Stored History and Logs    
Customer Intelligence      
Service Optimalisation       

Advanced Workflow

Multi Language Spell Check      
Prepared Responses       
Co-Browsing*  *    
Surveys and Forms      
Chat and Form Previews      
Data Masking      
Remote Access*      
Remote View*  *  *  *
Remote Assistance*  *  *  *
*Optional Add-ons