Every learner, any environment

AI-powered internet filtering for schools

Robust internet safety for schools

IMpero Modules - windows, ChromeBooks, MAC, ioS, aNDROID

Teacher work more effectively and efficiently with learners when using Impero Classroom:

  • Focus - Use of the classroom management functionality allows teachers to keep learners focused on their task by managing potential distractions and the providing the lesson content they need on directly on their devices

  • Overview - Impero Classroom provides teachers with a real-time view of all of learners on their devices (Win, Chromebooks, Mac, iOS, Android)

  • Giving 1 to 1 attention - by zooming to an individual view is an easy way for teachers to judge if they need to help a learner and ensures that others are not disturbed in the process 

  • Time saving - starting up websites or URL's on the learner devices saves value lesson time and allows a teacher to provide different learning material to different learners 

  • Safety - web filter lists give teacher the ability to allow or restrict specific URL's/website on the fly in a learning session for the whole class, a group of learners or an individual 

Impero Classroom is used by teachers and trainers at Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities and training organisations in the whole of the Benelux