Trusted connections between all types of devices, operating systems and networks. These devices can be manned or unmanned.

Impero Connect offer organisations software with which they can carry out maintenance, give support and do monitoring with utmost security whether this is inside or outside an organisations managed environment.


Connect is a secure solution for remote access and support which is used in the biggest organisation worldwide where business continuity is of vital importance.


Impero Connect:

  • Extensive range of remote control functionality and logging
  • Centrally managed from anywhere 
  • Role Based Access
  • Mulitple authentication options
  • Application whitelisting 
  • 256-bits AES encryption
  • Support remote control to manned and unmanned machines
  • Designed so that is can used and configured in a GDPR compliant manner 

Suitable for:

  • Windows, Linux en MAC, Android
  • Servers, laptops, workstations, POS  mobile, medical and industrial devices and COW's (Computer-on-Wheels)


How does Impero Connect work:

Secure Remote control

  • Secure remote access and management to servers, POS devices, Cash machines, instore signage, kiosks, workstations, laptops, mobile devices, embedded computers and other unmanned devices 
  • Support a wide range of connection protocols 
  • Suitable for maintenance of systems in complex environments such as in retail, finance and manufacturing
  • Secure tunneling for connections to devices without a public IP-address  
  • Supports all major operating systems
  • Granular role-based access management 


  • Fast, secure connections
  • Secure Access for external vendors
  • Easy to use with a browser-based portal
  • Can be used from anywhere also in low bandwidth locations  
  • Access for mobile workers
  • No need for VPN's, outgoing communication means no need for  time-consuming changes to the firewall
  • Ideal for updating and maintaining software on machines
  • Time and IP-address restrictions
  • Divers multi-factor authentication integration options
  • Audit Trails, registration and recording of remote sessions
  • Scripting
  • Strong 256-bits AES-encryption and data transmission
  • Configurable for  PCI, ISO, HIPAA, FIPS Compliance



  • Secure real-time remote support for all employees or customers wherever they maybe at any time
  • Support for workstations, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Multiple options for session permissions
  • Screen sharing with mouse and keyboard control, simple drag and drop file transfer, chat, monitoring, secure clipboard options
  • Superior integration with diverse  directory services
  • Concurrent sessions for speedier resolution times
  • One to many and many to one support sessions 
  • Stealth-modus means maintenance and problem solving can be carried out without interrupting users during critical processes