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Endpoint and Network Security come together for the first time. Sophos' all-in-one solution makes communication possible between network, cloud and workplace. As soon as users connect via Sophos Central the chain is complete and the security system can automatically intervene with the heartbeat ensuring continuous communication between the endpoints and firewall.


Sophos Intercept X provides next gen anti-ransomware CryptoGuard technology, anti-exploit zero-day defense, root cause analysis and removal of malware with Sophos Clean.  


Data Protection laws are forcing organisations to improve the security surrounding sensitive data. Sophos Safe Guard Sychronized Encryption makes the difference between having to inform your customers of a data leak or just the authorities because you can prove the information adequately encrypted.  





  • Heartbeat ensures a synchronised approach to security and shares real-time intelligence between endpoint and firewall
  • Firewall points to where suspicious traffic is coming for quick resolution  
  • Endpoint protection discovers the process behind the threat
  • Compromised endpoints are isolated 
  • Instant snap shots of network health show where attention is needed 


Using Sophos Intercept X you can:

  • Stop ransomware by blocking unauthorized encryption of files
  • Block zero-day threats by using signatureless anti-exploit technology
  • Thoroughly clean your system and remove all remnants of a malware infection
  • Thoroughly analyse an attack with the user friendly Root Cause Analysis

Sophos Intercept X runs seamlessly next to endpoint solutions from other AV and next-gen vendors, or alongside Sophos Central Endpoint Advanced offering a powerful additional security layer. 



  • Full Disk and File Encryption
  • Secure sensitive information stored on laptops, USB Devices, Network shared or cloud
  • Minimal impact to performance
  • Central Console
  • Reporting for compliance audits
  • Cross Platform and suitable for BYOD environments
  • Management of Native Device encryption such as BitLocker and Mac FileVault2


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